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Results and 40 winks

What Happened?? When i last wrote on my blog it was 4 days before the awards and what a fantastic night it was! I got all dressed up with my hair and make up all glam. It was the first time in one year from the pandemic started that i felt like I was having a proper night out albeit from my dining room table.

A few hours before and my painter friends were all online in a massive zoom call where we had a mini awards ceremony with categories like " the best wing woman/man" we all had a glass of wine and this really set the party tone for the up coming awards evening. I won 2 of these awards which was absolutely amazing! I knew that no matter what happened at 8:45pm nothing would make me sad as my friends had voted for me twice as the funniest member and the best wing woman! Titles i am proud of!

The awards started with with interviews at 6 pm until 8 pm of the event sponsors. I took this time to feed the family and complete my hair and get my dress on while watching. Then at 8pm they started to announce the winners of each category. My friend Shona Murphy from Made by Murphy won the first and the second categories this was an amazing accomplishment! And so well deserved!

My category was last i was back in a zoom with my friends we all listened holding our breaths and when they announced my name they all went crazy! I couldn't believe it! I cried my children cried as this was for them as well Keisha even hugged me the first time since she was little. The emotion stayed high all night, the wine flowed and I joined the organisers for a zoom after party with nominees and winners! what a fantastic evening i had.

At 3 am I heard my new friends say "oh she is awake" I realised i had fallen asleep during the after party zoom call I guess all the excitement was just too much for this winner. I went to bed The Flip Runway Spotlight Award Winning Artist of the Year it proves you should go for your dreams, be fearless and believe in yourself always.

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