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About me

Hi everyone! This section will give you all an introduction and tell you all a little more about the person behind Gink, it is just a little snippet!

My name is Helena,

I'm an artist from Northern Ireland and I have a diploma in Art and Design but for many years my art took a back seat to parenthood. I still paint beautiful landscapes and encaustic art pieces which I will be adding to my grid over time.


In addition to this, I am a mother to 3 amazing teenagers who all have autism. I am very passionate about raising the understanding of autism and promoting the acceptance of diversity within our society. 


I want to show you all the ability and not just the disability. My children help me create these pieces of art and we use it as a means of communication and art is a master of therapy. 


I began believing again in my work just recently and I have now gained the confidence needed to put it out to the world. I hope you like what you see!


Please if you can take a moment out of your day to read up on some information about how you can make this world a nicer place for people on the autistic spectrum x


Thank you for reading,


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